general catalogue - THERMOS jacket


- Front pannels: Medium-weight inner fleeced windstopper membrane fabric

- Back pannels: inner fleeced breathable fabric

- Classic 3-slot back pocket

- min temp.: 4º (baselayer+lightFleece) / - max temp.: 16º (baselayer)

DIFFERENCES between eKiNOX & GLACIER jackets



- AEROpreshaped sleeves (+12€)

- relfective trim under back pocket (+5€)



- Light stretch Winter jacket with great operative range (+4º/+16º). For under 8º temperatures, we recommend to wear a mid weight thermal 2nd layer toghether with a good 1st layer. 

- PU membrane laminated fabric front panels (Fox Airtek 83), together with thermal comfort fabrics for back panels (New York).

- IRS. Two clips at the lower back attached to the culotte will let you feel the combo like a full single piece, but with all the advantages of being two top and bottom pieces.

- SlimFit!!! (if you want to have a not as fitted jacket, oder a bigger size than recommended!)

- 6 sizes available (XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL). Other sizes please contact.


Price from: 80,44€

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