general catalogue - MTB-pro jersey

MTB line (mountain bike)

- TIMEOUT fabric: thin & breatheable, but durable

- Multi panel sleeves (3 pieces) for better fit

- 4way stretch mesh pieces under arms

- Close-fitted jersey but no harassing


CHANGES (2017->2018):

- SIZE: 1 size rise from previous PRO jersey (6cm wider now). 2017's Medium size would be a Small size now

Main DIFFERENCES between the new '18 cycling jersey lines



- Produced with tough but breatheable polyester fabric (TIME OUT), to withstand Mountain Bike demands!

- IBS. Specific patterning for cycling distinctive torso position (arms, shoulders and scapulas in a forward stance). Large mesh panels with excellent stretch capacity at the armpit also facilitate the arms to feel free and independent.

- Traditional 3 pocket layout.

- 20cm zipper opening.

- 6 sizes available (XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL)

Price from: 48,57€

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