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- The main difference of this full body tri suit is that the fabrics selected for the upper body are fabrics suited for high transpiration (real demand while cycling and running).

- Aero long sleeves with mesh pannels under arms to achive minumim wind drag.

- IBS. Our patterns are specially suited to the pedaling and running needs by an exaggerated gluteus “extra room” and by allowing independent movements of both gluteus muscles. With these two design basics we are able to avoid the use of uncomfortable anti slide silicone thigh banding, and don’t worry, it won’t move!

- IPS. Real open cell chamois that will give you superior comfort while pedaling, but won't bother while running. 3mm at front and 6mm in the back

- 40cm YKK elastic front zipper.

- 2 Easy access lower Back pockets will retain typical racing needs: gel, energy bars…, +2 lateral pockets at the bottom of both legs!

- 6 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL)

Price from: 94,39€

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