general catalogue - Maillot Hot Summer

Main features:

- IBS. Specific patterning for cycling distinctive torso position (arms, shoulders and scapulas in a forward stance).

- IRS. Two clips at the lower back attached to the culotte will let you feel the combo like a full single piece, but with all the advantages of being two top and bottom pieces.

- Classic 3 separated departments pocket.

- Special ®YKK 20cm long zipper without locking mechanism allows the rider for a fast and easy opening operation. The extra large slider also helps.

- Special no-seem-neck design; we have eliminated any kind of thick seam or label at neck level to avoid chafing.

- Several colors available for each piece, with Eschler 11436 as main fabric.

- 6 sizes available (XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL)


Price from: 36,78€

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