Running Man TRAIL/running tshirt

TRAIL/running tshirt

TRAIL/running LINE (mountain running)

- Designed for pack or vest running conditions

- Flatlock seams away from back pack pressure areas

- High tear and scratch resistant breathable fabric



- Fabric TIMEOUT (see Fabrics for more details)

- IBS. Every seam is positioned as far away as possible from pressure areas.

- There are no uncomfortable labels inside.

- 6 sizes available (XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL)




Intelligent Biomechanical Structure

Intelligent Biomechanical Structure

We have managed to “block” the upper part of the t-shit (by a special layout of the pieces and the pulling strength of the IRS) in order to avoid chaffing at the nipple area. There is also a double layer of smooth Ritmo fabric at this delicate area

Intelligent Biomechanical Structure


Fast sweat out + great resistance!. Perfect por upper body

Fast sweat out + great resistance!. Perfect por upper body

Group: printable

Type: ketten

Manufacturer: Miti (Italy)

Weight: 110 gr/m2

Composition: 100% polyester

Colors: 183 available colors by dye sublimation heat transfer

chest cm
Recommended fit: close-fit

Running chest

Measure your chest perimeter (keeping the meassuring tape horizontal and breathing normally) just underneath the armpits, right through your pectoral muscle (pectorialis major).Enter that measurement (cm) in the "chest" field and size-icons will appear above the bodyFit bar to show you how each of those would fit you!