Cycling/MTB Man MTB-pro jersey

UPDATE feb'18!!, this item is very similar to the previous PRO jersey, but with a change of sizes!!

Previuos '17 Medium model would now be a Small size!! (if comparing the same size, the new one would be 6cm wider!)

MTB-pro jersey

MTB line (mountain bike)

- TIMEOUT fabric: thin & breatheable, but durable

- Multi panel sleeves (3 pieces) for better fit

- 4way stretch mesh pieces under arms

- Close-fitted jersey but no harassing


CHANGES (2017->2018):

- SIZE: 1 size rise from previous PRO jersey (6cm wider now). 2017's Medium size would be a Small size now

Main DIFFERENCES between the new '18 cycling jersey lines



- Produced with tough but breatheable polyester fabric (TIME OUT), to withstand Mountain Bike demands!

- IBS. Specific patterning for cycling distinctive torso position (arms, shoulders and scapulas in a forward stance). Large mesh panels with excellent stretch capacity at the armpit also facilitate the arms to feel free and independent.

- Traditional 3 pocket layout.

- 20cm zipper opening.

- 6 sizes available (XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL)



Intelligent Biomechanical Structure

Intelligent Biomechanical Structure

The position of the body trunk of a cyclist is determined by the advanced position of the shoulders, stress in the insertion of the pectoralis and a reduction of the lumbar lordosis. Our patterns are designed with this base position instead of the normal standing position.

Intelligent Biomechanical Structure


Fast sweat out + great resistance!. Perfect por upper body

Fast sweat out + great resistance!. Perfect por upper body

Group: printable

Type: ketten

Manufacturer: Miti (Italy)

Weight: 110 gr/m2

Composition: 100% polyester

Colors: 183 available colors by dye sublimation heat transfer


open mesh fabric with outstanding stretch capabilities

open mesh fabric with outstanding stretch capabilities

Outstanding stretch properties in a open mesh poliamyde fabric, with a great soft feel. Usually selected for pieces that demand high strecht capacity.

Group: non printable

Type: ketten

Manufacturer: Miti (Italy)

Weight: 145 gr/m2

Composition: 77% polyamide; 23% elastano

Colors: 2 solid colors available

chest cm
Recommended fit: no tension

Cycling/MTB chest

Measure your chest perimeter (keeping the meassuring tape horizontal and breathing normally) just underneath the armpits, right through your pectoral muscle (pectorialis major).Enter that measurement (cm) in the "chest" field and size-icons will appear above the bodyFit bar to show you how each of those would fit you!