Cycling/MTB Man eKiNOX solid bib short


(two sizes reduction compared to actual PROpowerful model)

eKiNOX solid bib short

eKiNOX LINE (autumn/spring)

- 4wayStretch inner-fleeced mid-weight lycra bib Short

- Comes with independent knee warmers

- #dualSysPAD (0-6h)

- Temp. range: 10º / 20º



- reflective trim under back pocket (+5€)

- full leg warmer (+0€)

- basicPAD (0-3h): (-4€)



- Thermal Bib Short fully produced with solid color inner-fleeced polyamide (black, blue, red).

- Comes with pre bent knee warmers (full length optional) made out of black mid weight polyamide fabric.

- New #dualSysPAD chamois (endurance). Double action: 13mm PU-foam 120kg/m3 (spring) + PORON Plus foam 240 kg/m3 (shock absorber)

- New #bioTECH pattern!. Less is more!. Just a few stitches, but right where those should be, where our body needs to stretch!

- New #COMPRESSION+ body fit. High pressure fit, for demanding cyclists!

- New thigh doted silicone gripper band (38mm). The only custom area for this bib Short!

- IRS. Thanks to the plastic attachments at the lower back you can attach upper and lower garments to work as a whole.

- 6 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL)



Intelligent Retention System

Intelligent Retention System

By means of two extra-thin plastic clips in the lumbar area, the bottom garment is connected to the upper one, facilitating the dispersion of stress generated by the lower limbs. This allows us to draw a more natural “waist” line (high in the back – low in the front)



Intelligent Padding System

Intelligent Padding System


3 densities/thickness:

- 50kg/m3 in 5mm thickness at low pressure areas

- 120kg/m3 in 10mm thickness at high pressure areas

- 120+260kg/m3 in 10+3mm thickness at very high pressure areas

openCell polyurethane latest generation foams

3mm PORON PERFOMANCE © foam base at highest pressure areas

MicroBrushed polyester antistatic & antibacterial fabric

Probably the best pad in the World!!



Intelligent Biomechanical Structure

Intelligent Biomechanical Structure

The key to allow a fluid movement of each leg resides basically in treating each gluteus independently. Our culottes take this into account, apart from the shaping of the upper back part of the biceps femoris, which leads to avoiding the need of the traditional rubber/silicone band in the lower thigh.

Intelligent Retention System
Intelligent Padding System
Intelligent Biomechanical Structure


Great short lower retention elastic bands

Great short lower retention elastic bands

Group: printable

Type: ketten+silicon/transfer

Manufacturer: PLASTOTEX (Italy)

Weight: 245 gr/m2

Available Widths: 45mm / 75mm

Composition: 62% polyester; 15% EA; 22% silicone

Colors: 183 available colors by dye sublimation heat transfer

Lombardia 2006

best where high abrassion resistance is needed in winter tights

best where high abrassion resistance is needed in winter tights

Warp knitted 4way stretch brushed polyamide fabric with great insulation and friction resistance ratings. Best for more exposed to friction areas on winter tights.

Group: non printable

Type: ketten

Manufacturer: Miti (Italy)

Weight: 235 gr/m2

Composition: 86% polyester; 14% elastane (lycra power)

Treatments: Brushed interior

Colors: matte black

hips cm
Fit style: Recommended fit: small/compression

Cycling/MTB hips

Measure your maximum hip perimeter passing through the prominent great trochanter bones and the gluteous muscles.Enter that measurement (cm) in the "hips" field and size-icons will appear above the bodyFit bar to show you how each of those would fit you!