Cycling/MTB Man AERO oversocks

AERO oversocks

Lower calf compression aero sleeve for soleous and Achiles

- Firm and resilence fabric (Tavolara 180gr)

- Great breathability

- Lower extra-thin brace to assure upper tension (zero rubbing inside shoe!)

- Customize your lower calf as you wish!

- Unisex

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Tavalora 180

great compression in a light fabric

great compression in a light fabric

Group: printable

Type: ketten

Manufacturer: Miti (Italy)

Weight: 180 gr/m2

Composition: 80% polyester; 20% elastane (lycra power)

Colors: 183 available colors by dye sublimation heat transfer

* for near-to-white colors, shell fabric is more opaque (less trasnparency)

lower calf cm
Fit style: Recommended fit: compression

Cycling/MTB lower calf

Meassure minimum lower calf perimter, between ankle and gastrocnemius. Enter that measurement (cm) in the "loewer calf" field and size-icons will appear above the bodyFit bar to show you how each of those would fit you!