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The incoherences in sports clothing are mostly caused by old practices that no one dared to doubt because "it's not strictly neccesary".

An evident example for us are tennis balls. Even if it's a relatively young sport, the trouser's front pocket was from the beginning considered to be a good solution to keep balls that are not in play. Something really uncomfortable, but accepted by all. Tennis has recently developped a lot. Today's professionals are real athletes. And even if 150 years ago sailcloth trousers with front pockets was enough, today's playing, running and serving style needs clothes much more tolerant towards extreme movements. But the balls are still there…

And what about those muddy golf balls that you have to search for between tee pegs and other things in your right pocket? It is not reasonable, and although the sector has tried to locate the balls in carts, pouches, etc, it is still the right pocket the normal “container” due to its quick access.

virKlon proposes a lumbar easy access pocket manufactured in an elastic polyamide mesh to prevent unnecessary movement of the contents, but still ensuring the comfortable and quick access to it. The lumbar area is, in tennis and golf, an area with little biomechanical implication, so it is an ideal spot for the IBP.