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How should I measure myself?

Move the mouse over the info button in each parameter in order to obtain valuable and graphic information of how to take masurements.

Use preferably a flexible tape measure, like the one used by dressmakers. It’s better to take your measurements with your clothes off or with thin and tight clothes on. Take your measurements from three to five times to have a reasonable average. Don’t tighten the measure tape too much because then the measurement wouldn’t be completely accurate.

What are the colours in the size box?


Every time we enter a measurement in each of the fields on the left-hand side, a coloured band will appear on the bottom of the cell corresponding to each size. That coloured band is the rough fitting shown at the bottom of the screen. The values between “tight” and “loose” make up the recommended fitting range (brown, orange, yellow, green and blue).

We just want to inform you how each size would fit you. We don’t intend to choose for you, only you know how you like to wear your clothes.